Call for Submissions

Submissions are now welcome for Volume 18, a General Interest edition of the journal.  Articles on any subject that concerns the intersection of philosophy and the cinema are welcome.  Subs should be 2500-7500 words (excluding endnotes) and should follow the Chicago Manual of Style.  

Please submit your articles for blind review in WORD format to me, Daniel Shaw, at my e-mail address,  The deadline for such submissions is June 30, 2013.  Decisions on which articles will be accepted for publication are made by the end of August.  Authors must be members of the SPSCVA for their articles to be published in Film and Philosophy.

Volume 17 of Film and Philosophy: Now Available

The new general interest edition of the journal is available to order, featuring articles on Inglourious Basterds, It’s a Wonderful Life, Transamerica, Talk to Her, The Tree of Life and The Road, and on the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Tati, and Terrence Malick

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This year’s sample article is “The Existential Hitchcock” by Richard Gilmore
A .pdf file of the article can be accessed here

Volume 16
Sample article from Volume 16 by Aaron Smuts on the Pottersville Test for Meaning in It's a Wonderful Life:  Sample here


Volume 16 of  Film and Philosophy , a special interest edition on Ethics and Existentialism, is now available.
Articles include:
- Aaron Smuts on the Pottersville Test for meaning in It's a Wonderful Life
- William Devlin and Shai Biderman on Gone Baby Gone
- John Marmysz on the Fascism of the Na'vi in Avatar
- ASA Author Meets Critics session on Dan Flory's book Philosophy, Black Film, Film Noir with Charles Mills, Tommy Lott and Murray Smith as commentators and the author's response
- Also featuring essays on Blade Runner, Nights of Cabiria, Flash of Genius and Zombie Apocalypse movies.  To order, simply fill out this form .

Volume 15 is Now Available


Volume 15, A General Interest Edition Highlights include:

- Kevin Sweeney on Morality and Good Taste in Sideways
- William Hawk on Metaphysical Conundrums and Moral Quandries in I Robot
- Joseph Kupfer on Self Transformation in Monster’s Ball
- John McAteer on Optimism and Self-Deception in Rashomon
- Kevin Stoehr on the Russell-Wartenberg-Carroll debate
- Articles on Robert Bresson’s use of sound, House and Heidegger, Twilight, The Double Life of Veronique and on how Film-Philosophy has gone “Pop” round out the volume
-Volume 15 can be ordered by clicking on the hot link below, or by e-mailing the editor at  - Subscriptions are $25 per year for individuals and $40 for Institutions, and must be paid for by check or money order in US dollars
- Film and Philosophy introduces a new yearly feature, a downloadable sample copy of an article from the current volume, for those of you unfamiliar with the journal.  This year’s sample is Professor Tarja Laine’s “Entangled Life: The Double Life of Veronique” available here


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Call for Papers for Volume 16

Special Interest Edition: Ethics and Existentialism II

Submissions are invited concerning the ethical content of films, and the ethical implications of depicting certain types of behavior.  Existential approaches to philosophizing about films are also sought after, as are articles on directors whose films reflect an existentialist sensibility.  Essays that relate films to ethical theory, and to such classic existential themes as dread, guilt, authenticity, nihilism, absurdity, etc. are particularly welcome.

Articles should be 2500-7500 words, using the Chicago Manual of Style's system of endnotes (with all relevant bibliographic information included therein).  Submissions should be sent by e-mail to Managing Editor Daniel Shaw at   

Deadline: June 30, 2011

Volume 14 is now available

Steven G. Smith: Hume, Kant and the Road Runner on Causation and humor

Sander Lee and Bill Pamerleau discuss Woody Allen's Murderers

Joseph Kupfer on the failure to care in The Squid and the Whale

Author Meets Critics: Amy Coplan, Bruce Russell and George M. Wilson on Thomas E. Wartenberg's Thinking on Screen: Film as Philosophy

plus, articles on Abre los Ojos, I Heart Huckabees, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Daniel Frampton's controversial book Filmosophy

Orders are now being accepted for volume 14




"Is Dr. House Virtuous" 
- Heather Battaly and Amy Coplan

Aristotle's Theory of Friendship and The Third Man  
- Thomas Wartenberg

The Conversation , Film and Philosophy  
- Mark Huston

Resuscitating the Subversive in Unlikely Couples  
- Sondra Bacharach

Monsters and the Moving Image  
- Noël Carroll

Wings of Desire: Reflections on the Tedium of Immortality  
- Aaron Smuts

Signs and the Problem of Evil   - Dan Shaw   ...and much more


Table of Contents to Volume 12 - AVAILABLE  

Film’s Limits: The Sequel  
- Bruce Russell

Philosophy in the Moving Image: Response to Bruce Russell  
- Noël Carroll

What Else Films Can Do: A Response to Bruce Russell  
- Thomas E. Wartenberg

Replies to Carroll and Wartenberg  
- Bruce Russell

Smoke and the Practice of Philosophy  
- J. Heath Atchley

Hostel: A Nightmare of the Hyperreal   
- Ben Convey

Two Problematic Theses in Carroll’s Account of Horror   
- Brian Laetz

Cinema as Sacrifice: Borat and the Culture Industry  
- William Grundy

Self-Knowledge, Self-Deception, and Retaliation: Lessons from The Limey and The Godfather  
- Sean McAleer

Do You Have a Light?: The Failures and Special Effects of Godard’s Alphaville  
- Ramsey Eric Ramsey and Diane Gruber

Tedium, Aesthetic Form, and Moral Insight in Silverlake Life
- Kayley Vernallis

Defining the Moving Image: A Response to Noël Carroll
- Robert Yanal



Joseph Kupfer on Bang the Drum Slowly

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein on Benjamin & Tarkovsky

Henry Bacon on a phenomenology of film narration

Dan Flory on the treatment of race in Deep Cover

William Pamerleau on film realism and narrative identity

Aaron Smuts onsexist humor and  In the Company of Men

Chris Venner on Lacanian evil and Mamet's Homicide

Avery Plaw on the historical distortions in Spielberg's Munich

Jeanette Bicknell on Orientalism and The Sheltering Sky

Richard Nunan on the gay perspective of Brokeback Mountain

Carole Lyn Piechota on Nietzsche and Eternal Sunshine



VOLUME 10 Philosophy of Film and Film Theory   - AVAILABLE

Dan Flory, Guest Editor

Amy Coplan     
"Caring About Characters: Three Determinants of Emotional Engagement"

Margarete Bruun Vaage "The Empathic Film Spectator in Analytic Philosophy and Naturalized Phenomenology"

Aaron Smuts    
"V. F. Perkins' Functional Credibility"

Kevin Stoehr   
"The Dialectical Approach to the Art of the Moving Image: Hegel, Eisenstein, and Kracauer"

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield
"The Condition of Film as Philosophy; Or, How Can a Film Ask a Question?"

Andrew Light   
"Objectivity and the Film of Presumptive Assertion"

Thomas Wartenberg
"Understanding Film Form: A Critique of Carroll's Functional Account"

Noël Carroll 
"The Moving Image: Form and Fact--Responses to Tom Wartenberg and Andrew Light"

...Ils Huygens, C. Paul Sellors, Greg Smith and more


SPECIAL INTEREST EDITION: Philosophy and Science Fiction

Author Meets Critics: On Film (with thanks to Daniel Frampton, editor,Film-Philosophy Internet Salon and Journal, UK)

Is Film the Alien Other to Philosophy?
- Nathan Andersen

Alien Ways of Thinking
- Julian Baggini

Ways of Thinking: A Response to Andersen and Baggini
- Stephen Mulhall

The Dilemma of Artificial Love in A.I.-Artificial Intelligence
- Laura Werner

The Evolution of the Sci-Fi Genre
- Temenuga Trifonova

A Common Ground Between Science and Religion: Contact & The Varieties of Religious Experience
- Jonathan Hiers

Burgess, Kubrick and the Enlightenment Narrative of Progress
- Alfred Drake

Kubrick Contra Nihilism: A Clockwork Orange
- Dan Shaw


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A Desperate Education: Thoreau’s Walden and All That Heaven Allows 
- David Justin Hodge

Self-Knowledge and Humility in Chariots of Fire 
- Joseph Kupfer

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Environmental Virtue Ethics 
- Sean McAleer

Scapegoating, the Holocaust and McCarthyism in Stalag 17 
- Sander Lee

Disciplinary Power and Testimonial Narrative in Schindler’s List 
- Eugene Arva

The Truth About False Witnesses in Decalogue 2 & 8 
- Paul Santilli

Cinematic Philosophy in Le Feu follet: The Search for a Meaningful Life  
- Herbert Granger

Cultural Change and Nihilism in the Rollerball Films  
- John Marmysz

Nihilism and Noir 
- Kevin Stoehr

The Logic of Noir and the Question of Radical Evil  
- Bert Olivier

Studying Films Philosophically: A Panel Discussion


Looking Backward: Philosophy and Film Reconsidered  
- Thomas Wartenberg

The Present State of the Philosophy of Film 
- Ian Jarvie

Philosophy of Film, or Philosophies of Film? 
- Deborah Knight

Empiricism and the Philosophy of Film 
- Cynthia Freeland

Film Review: Fatalism in Fat City  
- Dan Shaw

Volume 7 Table of Contents 

"No Callous Shell"  The Fate of Selfhoodfrom Walt Whitman to Todd Haynes
- Anat Pick

Heideggerean Wonder in Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line  
- Robert Clewis

Finding the Essential: A Phenomenological Look at Hal Hartley’s No Such Thing  
- Kevin Taylor Anderson

Sensible and Desperate Knaves in The Way Of the Gun     
- Ronald Lindsay

Cinema and the Aesthetics of the Dynamical Sublime: Kant, Deleuze, Heidegger and the Architecture of Film    - Jerold J. Abrams

‘Are You Still You?’: Memory, Identity and Self-Positioning in Total Recall    
- Nathan Abrams

A Gnostic Matrix for the Masses: A Conspired Space Of Metaphysical Totality
- David Brottman

Life as Show Time: Aesthetic Images and Ideological Spectacles     
- Eugene Arva

PoMo Desire?: Authorship and Agency in Wim Wenders Wings of Desire 
- Nathan Wolfson

Book Review: Eighteen Woody Allen Films Analyzed    
- Dan Shaw

Volume 5/6 Special Double Edition is also available -

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 Daniel Shaw: Power, Horror and Ambivalence (excerpt)


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