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Parking Regulations -
Main and Clearfield Campuses

Revised July 19, 2017

Any person who wishes to register their vehicle for on campus parking and who is in arrears of any parking fines will not be permitted to do so unless all fines and penalties are paid.

Authorization and Enforcement

The Pennsylvania Crimes Code (Title 18) of 1972 (Act 334), Section 7505, Act 334 of 1949 and Act 188 authorizes all Commonwealth agencies and university presidents to regulate, govern, and enforce motor vehicle traffic and parking on Commonwealth property and university campuses.

Operator Responsibility

The operation of a motor vehicle on this campus is a privilege, and the university reserves the right to restrict, suspend or revoke this privilege for just cause.  Failure to have read the regulations governing all motor vehicle on the campus of Lock Haven University shall not constitute a valid excuse from compliance.  If the vehicle is not registered with the University Public Safety Division, a notice of violation will be sent to the address of the owner of said vehicle.  Lock Haven University assumes no responsibility/liability for the care or protection of vehicles/contents while operated/parked on university property.  Visitor permits, temporary permits, and overnight permits are available at LHU Public Safety Office 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Any questions, concerns or problems related thereto should be directed to:Director of Public Safety, Paul J. Altieri, Glennon Hall 484-2278.

Parking for Special Programs

Persons responsible for conducting special programs, meetings, conferences, workshops, clinics, etc. which are likely to attract visitors to the campus are expected to inform the participants about the vehicle registrations and parking requirements and any special parking arrangements which may have been made with Public Safety.  Unless special arrangements have been made, registered visitor parking is limited to Area 9, or 22.


Lock Haven University.
  All lands and buildings owned or leased by the University and operated by Lock Haven University, including Lock Haven Clearfield Campus.

Visitors and guests.  Those person not currently employed at Lock Haven University or not currently enrolled at the university as a student.

Unauthorized area.  Any area where a vehicle has not been assigned to park.  All vehicle which do not display a valid parking permit issued by the University Public Safety office and are parked on university property shall be assumed to be parked in an unauthorized area, which will be deemed prohibited parking (See Article IV).

Off-Campus Student.  Off campus housing (at the Lock Haven University main campus only) considered to be within walking distance to the campus, as defined by the University Parking Committee whose local or permanent address is within this designated perimeter.

Commuter Student.  Any university student whose local residence is outside the designated perimeter, as defined by the University Parking Committee.

Resident Student.  Students residing in university owned residence halls (Fairview Suites, High, North, McEntire, Woolridge, or Smith).

Campus Village Student.  Students residing in Campus Village.

Special Permits.  Temporary employess vendors, contractors, interns, Rec Center use alumni only.

Reserved Parking.  Parking will be assigned to Area 8 and 16 only.  A limited amount of decals will be sold on a first come first serve basis to students interested in guaranteed parking.

All other definitions in the rules governing Parking Regulations at Lock Haven University shall be the same as those definitions in Title 75 of the “Vehicle Code for Pennsylvania, Section 102”.

Article I General Provisions

Section 100 - Registration
- Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors who are eligible to park a motor vehicle on the campus of Lock Haven University must secure a parking permit or parking validator (only one decal/permit per person) by registering their vehicle at the University Public Safety office located in the Glennon Infirmary by August 27, 2017.  The intended operator must register the vehicle in person.  Failure to register your vehicle and obtain a parking permit will result in a parking violation.  Student decals validation period is 8-15-17 through 8-15-18; employee hangtags validation period is 7-31-17 to 7-31-18 unless termination of employment or student is dismissed, withdraws, or graduates.  PA Program decals validation period will run May to May. 

Section 101 - Eligibility – Faculty, Staff, PA Students, Commuter Students, Residence Hall Students with 30 or more credit hours earned are eligible to park for a fee, a registered vehicle on campus.  Resident Hall students with less then 30 credits are eligible to park on campus under Section 202 and/or 206. 

Section 102 - Ownership – To obtain a parking decal or permit the vehicle must be owned by registrant or a member of his/her immediate family.  Registration card or temporary registration form and registrant driver’s license must be presented at time of registration.   At no time may a student register another student’s vehicle.  The person, in whose name a vehicle is registered, will be held responsible for University Motor Vehicle Regulations regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time of the violation.

Section 103 - The enforcement of parking regulations are in effect throughout the calendar year.  During emergency conditions regulations may change. 

Article II Parking Areas

Section 200 – General -
All parking areas are properly signed throughout the campus (Refer to Parking Map).   Vehicles are required to be parked within lined spaces in their designated areas during the time periods specified on Parking Map.

Section 201 – Commuter Students - Students living outside the designated perimeter will be issued a green decal and permitted to park in Areas 8, 9, 14, or 19 white lined spaces (Refer to Parking Map)

Section 202 - Reserved Parking - Students including ineligible resident students may purchase a guaranteed parking permit to park in the designated spaces within Area 8 or 16 only (Refer to Parking Map).  A limited amount of decals will be sold on a first come first serve basis starting on August 27, 2017 at 8 am.

Section 203 – Resident Students – Students with 30 earned academic credits, residing in Fairview Suites, Smith, Woolridge, High, North, or McEntire Hall will be issued a red decal indicating that this privilege has been granted and will be permitted to park in area 6, 6a, 6b, 6c, 6d, 7 or 15 and designated red lined spaces in Area 19 (Refer to Parking Map).

Section 204 - Campus Village Students - Students residing in Campus Village will be issued a yellow decal and permitted to park in Area 18 only (Refer to Parking Map).

Section 205 - Faculty/Staff – Vehicles with gold hangtag displaying a current validation sticker must park in area 2, 2A, 3, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 14A, 15A, 16, 17, 19, 21, or 22 white lined spaces (Refer to Parking Map)

Section 206 - Jack Stadium – Overflow parking and will be offered if necessary.  Home sporting events take precedence over special parking needs.  Any event held at Jack Stadium will require you to move your vehicle from this area during the duration of the event.  (Refer to Parking Map).

S ection 207 - Food Service Employees –   Vehicles with silver hangtag must park in area 11 and designated white lined spaces in Area 2A.

Section 208 - Visitor Parking - Visitors must obtain a parking permit from the Public Safety office and park in our visitor lot area 9 or 22 (Refer to Parking Map) unless otherwise approved for another area.  Valid registration and driver’s license must be presented upon registering.

Section 209 - Handicapped Spaces – Reserved for persons with state handicapped placards, license plates, or severely disabled veteran license plates, 24 hours a day, year round (valid LHU parking decal/hangtag required).

Section 210 -Temporary Disabilities/Medical Permits – Special arrangement for a Medical Parking Permit can be made for individuals with temporary disabilities valid for a maximum of two weeks through the University Public Safety office (doctor’s excuse required).  Vehicles displaying a University medical permit must also have a valid decal or hangtag displayed and may not park in designated handicapped parking spaces.

Section 211 – Closed Parking Areas – Various parking lots throughout campus are designated by signage as closed from 12 midnight - 5 am Monday-Friday with the exception of Area 2.  (Refer to Parking Map).

Section 212 – Loading, Unloading, Pick-Up and Delivery -  Permitted in any designated loading zone for a maximum of 10 minutes provided the vehicle warning flashers are operating.  (Note: 4-way flashers cannot be used for visitation of campus personnel or departments.)  Loading zones are marked in yellow and clearly indicated by posted signs. 

Resident students are authorized to park for 20 minutes in loading areas by their residence halls at the beginning and end of semesters and official college recesses for the convenience of handling personal effects.  (4-way emergency flashers required.) 

Employees are authorized to park in restricted areas for 20 minutes, other than fire lanes, for the purpose of work-related loading and unloading (4-way emergency flashers required).  This section does not apply to reserved parking spaces.

Emergencies that require the motor vehicle to be parked in an unauthorized, or otherwise restricted area must have a signed explanatory note placed on the windshield and its location must be immediately reported to the Public Safety office. 

Any illegally parked vehicle that is disabled must be moved immediately.  All other vehicles must be moved within 24 hours and Public Safety must be notified.

Article III Registration Fees and Decal/Hangtag Control

Section 300 - Fees

$20.00  Gold Hangtag or validator - Faculty/Staff (full/part-time)
Gold Hangtag or validator - Administrators reserved space
$20.00  Gold Hangtag or validator - Resident Directors
$20.00  Silver Hangtag or validator - Bentley Employees
$35.00  Silver Hangtag or validator - Bentley Supervisors
$40.00  Green decals - Commuter Students (full/part-time)
$40.00  White decals - PA Program

$40.00  Red decals - Resident students with 30 earned credit hours
$40.00  Yellow decals - Campus Village residents
$20.00  Special permits (see definition)
$80.00  Orange decals - Issued to students interested in guaranteed parking including ineligible resident students.
$40.00  Blue decals - If necessary, permits will be issued to ineligible resident students for Jack Stadium. 

No Charge  Visitor Permits - Temporary permits are required for registrant’s who require parking for vehicle’s not registered.   

Section 301 – Decal Restrictions - All valid hangtag decals must be visibly from the rear view mirror of registered vehicle.  All student decals must be affixed by removing the backing and placing to the exterior lower right-hand corner of the registered vehicle's rear window.  Temporary parking permits (visitor, special, etc) must be displayed from the rear view mirror or above steering column on dashboard.

Decals are valid from August 15, 2017 until August 15, 2018 with the exception of the PA Program parking decals.

Gold/Silver hangtags/validator are valid from July to July of each year.

Upon sale, trade or other disposition of any vehicle registered, the registrant must notify our department.  Student decals must be returned to our office to obtain another decal at no charge.  Upon purchase of new vehicle or adding a vehicle the registrant must bring to our department the valid registration.

Expired decals must be removed from vehicle.

Decals or permits lost or stolen will be assessed the current permit fee for a replacement permit.

Section 302 – Off-Campus Perimeter

See University Public Safety office map for detailed perimeter.

Section 303 – Temporary Parking Permits – Faculty, staff or students who bring an unregistered vehicle to campus are required to display a temporary parking permit which must be obtained at University Public Safety office.  Temporary hangtags/permits that expire are considered to be unregistered vehicles and will result in a parking violations.

Article IV  Regulations

Section 400
- Registrants may park only in the area(s) indicated by their respective permit/decal, except at such times when Open Parking is authorized.  Refer to Parking Map.

Section 401 - Open parking allows any vehicle registered at Public Safety to park in any area, but not in the reserved spaces in an area.  Open parking does not alter or diminish any other parking or registration requirements.

Section 402 - Open parking is authorized between Monday-Friday from 5 pm – 7 am and all day Saturday and Sunday, except when otherwise posted (i.e. special classes or events).

Section 403 - Vehicles must be parked between two white/red/orange/blue lines which designates a proper parking space.  It is not feasible to mark with signs or paint all areas of University property where parking is prohibited.  Parking is prohibited on lawns, driveways, fire lanes or sodded areas.

Section 404 - Motorcycles are permitted to park in yellow striped areas located within their assigned parking lots.  Exceptions are in the no parking zone located in Area 10, and where such yellow stripes are entrances to doorways.

Section 405 - Restricted areas such as fire lanes and no parking zones are all marked in yellow.  Parking in restricted areas is prohibited except when authorized by the Public Safety office.

Section 406 - Custodian spaces are reserved Monday – Friday from 5 am – 2 pm; Deans, President, Vice-Presidents, and Resident Directors’ spaces and Area 5 are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Section 407 - The speed limit on Campus is fifteen (15) miles per hour except as otherwise posted.  All roadways and traffic-ways of Lock Haven University fall under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code and will be enforced by Lock Haven University Public Safety.

Section 408 - The availability of parking spaces is subject to change, as needed for construction, emergencies, or university special events.

Article V Fines/Penalties

Section 500 -
Vehicles, with and without a valid parking permit displayed, parked in violation of university parking rules and regulations will be issued University tickets.  These fines are payable at the Public Safety office in the Glennon Infirmary Building.

Escalating fines applies to tickets received and are as follows:

Tickets Issued                        1– 5            6-10             11-20          21-30

Illegal Parking                          15.00         20.00             25.00         30.00 

Unauthorized Area                    15.00         20.00             25.00         30.00

No decal or pass displayed        15.00         20.00             25.00         30.00

Loading Zone                           50.00         55.00             60.00         65.00

Parked in Handicap Area          100.00        105.00          110.00         115.00 

Reserved Parking Spots             25.00         30.00            35.00         40.00

Custodian Space                       25.00         30.00            35.00         40.00

Other                                       15.00         20.00             25.00        30.00

Failure to Remove Expired Decal 15.00         20.00             25.00         30.00

Parked in Grass                         50.00         55.00             60.00         65.00

Decal Violation                          25.00         30.00             35.00         40.00

Fire Hydrant                              50.00         55.00             60.00         65.00

Closed Parking Lot (Section 506) 15.00         20.00             25.00         30.00

Section 501 – All parking fines issued in Area 10 (behind Sloan) are doubled.

Section 502 - All vehicles in violation of the parking and traffic regulations will be ticketed and fined for such violation. If not paid within 5 days a citation may be issued through the District Justice’s office or a hold will be placed on your academic record. 

Section 503 – Violators may appeal a ticket by completing an appeal form available at Public Safety in the Glennon Infirmary within 5 business days.  Enforcement of regulations will be prompt, impartial and certain. All appeals must be in writing and forms are available in the Public Safety office or (no verbal appeals will be accepted).

Appeal Process:

  • Explain your situation fully.  The appeal is decided by the issuing officer based on your written explanation.  Only issuing officer can excuse a ticket.  Once a decision has been made you will be notified by mail.

  • If the citation is excused, no further action is necessary on your part.

  • If the appeal has been denied, the citation must be paid.

  • If more information is necessary only the issuing officer will contact you.

Section 504 - $30.00 fee will be incurred for all returned checks.

Section 505 - Moving Violations - penalty is determined by the applicable Pennsylvania law.

Section 506 - The University reserves the right to tow or boot unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles on campus at the owner’s expense.  Vehicles will be booted upon receipt of five unpaid tickets or failure to pay a parking ticket within 30 days. The boot will be removed when the owner of the vehicle pays all outstanding parking fine/fines and a $25 booting fee.  A sticker will be placed on the vehicle advising persons that their vehicle is inoperable.  Boot must be removed within 24 hours of notification and failure to do so will result in having the vehicle towed from campus at the owner’s expense.  Charge for towing will be at the towing company’s discretion and payment must be made directly to the towing company to recover your vehicle.

Section 507 - Campus parking privileges may be rescinded or suspended at the discretion of the Director of University Public Safety.

Section 508 – All unauthorized vehicles parked in all parking lots on University property are closed for parking between 12 midnight – 5 am Monday - Friday  with the exception of Area 2, 18 and Red/Orange lined spaces throughout campus. 

  • 1st offense will be issued a fine for parking in a “Closed parking area”,
  • 2nd offense $25.00 boot + any outstanding tickets;
  • 3rd offense towed at owner's expense.

Permission for overnight parking will be granted upon request through Public Safety.

Section 509 – Abuse of Parking Privileges: It is prohibited for any person to register another person’s vehicle or to falsify facts when applying for a decal or parking permit.  It is prohibited for any person to change area assignment of parking permits or decals without the approval of the Public Safety office.  It is prohibited for any person to use or allow to be used a permit or decal that is not registered to the vehicle on which the permit or decal is discovered.  Penalty: Any person in violation shall receive a parking fine, parking privileges will be revoked for at least one semester, and their vehicle shall be removed from campus until privileges are reinstated.  There will be no refunds on registrations voided due to fraudulent registration.

Section 510 - Reserved spaces are intended for visitors only.  No spaces are permitted to be reserved for students or employees of the University.