Akio Kamei makes beautiful trick-opening boxes (termed “karakuri”).  Architectural principles used in Japan to enable buildings to withstand the numerous seismic tremors were first applied to puzzle design at the end of the nineteenth century and have been taken to a new level in the works of Kamei.  Accessing the secret compartments in Kamei’s boxes may involve the clever manipulation of sliding panels, applications of fundamental laws of physics, and/or ingenious mechanisms which unlock in a manner related to the object depicted.  The opening techniques frequently have a humorous quality, incorporating Kamei’s personality and wit.  Kamei’s work is produced in extremely limited quantities from a variety of Japanese woods.  See also Kamei’s website.  


*Bar of Chocolate    *Barrel    *Baumkuchen    *Bomb     *Book     *Bottle     *Box with a Key   *Box and Cage    *Cake    *Can     *Card Case    *Cassiopeia     *Checker Cube     * Checker Cube Box     * Checker Cube Set     *Coffee Cup     *Cosmox    *Counter Parcel     * Crown     *Cube and Octagon    * Cube and Octahedron     *Cube Box    *Cube Box 2    *Cubi     *Cubic     *Die     *Disappearing Coin Box 1     *Disappearing Coin Box 2     *Double Drawer Box    *Egg    *Eight Burr    *Electric Circuit    *Expansion II    *Expansion III     *Expansion IV     *Expansion IV-2     *Expansion V     *Expansion VI     *Fan     *Great Bear    *Hamburger   *Hollow Burr    *Hot Miso Soup     *Irregular Twin Box     *Jug (Bottle in Rome)     *Letter Box 1     *Letter Box D     *Lined Edges     *Little Drawer Box    *Love Box    *Love Box 4     *Maze Box     *Mechanic Cubi    *Money Bank    *My House    *New Parcel Cube     *New Secret Box I-1     *New Secret Box I-2     *New Secret Box I-3    *New Secret Box II-1     *New Secret Box II-2     *Nonsense and W-Nonsense Boxes    *Octagon Box    *Outlet     *Padlock    *Paper Bag    *Parabox    *Parcel Box    *Parcel Cube (Kumiki)     *Parcel Cube 3     *Parcel Cube 4     *Pentagon Box     *Plane    *Pneumatic Box     *Radio     *Ribbon Box    *Ribbon Box 2    *Rotary Box    *Rose     *Sakura Mochi    *Six Button Box    *Small Box 1    *Small Box 2    *Small Box 3    *Small Chest    *Small Cubi    *Small Die     *Small Egg   *Small Framed Picture     *Small Love Box     *Small Twin Box    *Spring Box    *Stapler    *Star    *Star Burr    *Star Box    *String Box    *String Box 2    *3D Box    *Teapot    *Toaster   *Tooth   *Top Box     *Top Box 3    *Top Box 4    *Tortuous Box    *Train Engine    *Triple Cross Box     *Twin Box    *Twin Box 3     *Two Drawer Box    *Umbrella    *Wood Stick Set    *Zig Zag