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I am a puzzle collector, a person who truly enjoys being puzzled and confounded.  There is a term for such a person beginning with the letter M: a metagrobologist.  (Were some of you thinking of a masochist?  Shame on you.)  Some of my collection consists of objects easily recognizable as puzzles.  The following pages attempt to document some of the items of my collection in which the distinction between art and puzzle has been blurred.  The items included here have been selected on the basis of a number of criteria.  They are all beautiful works of art.  The mechanisms employed are stunningly clever, amazingly subtle, overwhelmingly difficult, or combinations of all of these.  The artists are internationally known for their work.  And, most importantly, these items are my personal favorites.  Enjoy the visual stimulation!


*Some Works of Miguel Berrocal

*Some Works of Akio Kamei

*Some Works of GarE Maxton

*Some Works of Franco Rocco

*Some Works of Trevor Wood

*Some Works of Robert Yarger

*Bandsaw Boxes

*Miscellaneous Works


*The Puzzling Treasure Hunts of Jeffrey Aurand

*Two Puzzling Chests by Kelly Snache


*Puzzle Room 2009