Dr. Brett Everhart  

Dr. Brett Everhart

Special Assistant to the Provost for Assessment/
Professor, Department of Health & Physical Education   


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  Recent Research Publications by Dr. B. Everhart

Teaching Performance in Adapted Physical Activity

Everhart, B., Everhart, K., & Everhart, T. (2016). Game-Performance Decisions of International Baccalaureate Students in Korea and Students in a Traditional American High School.  Education, 137 (2), 209-219. 

Everhart, B., Dimon-Newman, C., Rutecki, J., Steinbacher, J., & McLaughlin, S. (2014).  Structured Physical Activity and Math Progress of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The Educational Collaborative, 4 (2), retrieved from http://journals.sfu.ca/eps/index.php/ec/article/view/35.

Everhart, B., Everhart, K., McHugh, H., Dimon, C., Hershey, K., & Lorenzi, D. (2013).  Teaching-learning patterns of expert and novice adapted physical educators.  Education, 133, 456-469.

Everhart, B., Desmond, D., Casilio, M., Dimon, C., & Stone, D. (2012).  The Influence of Daily Structured Physical Activity on Academic Progress of Elementary Students with Intellectual Disabilities, Education, 133, 298-312.

Impact of Teaching Physical Education

Everhart, B., & Everhart, K. (2014).  Software-based self-reflection, preservice teaching performance, and influencing pre-conceived recruitment socialization influences.  The Educational Collaborative, 4 (2), retrieved from http://journals.sfu.ca/eps/index.php/ec/article/view/34.

 Everhart, B., Rabe, T., & Everhart, K.  (2011).  A curricular intervention’s impact on selected fitness levels and activity patterns of junior high students in physical education classes for non-athletes and athletes.  The Educational Collaborative, 2, 1-14.

  Student Learning Assessment & Data Management Systems

Everhart, B., & Gerlach, J. 2012).  A Review of Research on Data Management Systems (DMS) and Relationship of Unit Head Satisfaction with DMS Role in Standards-Based Alignment.  Assessment Update, 24 (3), 6-8, 14.

Everhart, B., & Gerlach, J. (2011).  The Perception of Unit Heads Toward the Role of Online Assessment Products in Standards-Based Alignment within Teacher Education Units.  Education, 132, 97-109.

Everhart, B., & Hogarty, K. (2009).  Supporting the Preparation of Beginning Teachers wioth Online Assessment Products.  Education, 129, 400-412.