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Student Athlete Forms


Welcome Athletes,

This purpose of this page is to provide you with all the medical paperwork that you will need to compete on one of Lock Haven University's Athletic Teams.  Please follow the step by step instructions for each section of this page.  There are multiple requirements in order to participate and they must all be completed prior to the first day of practice. 

If you experience questions or problems during the completion of this paperwork, please email your coach or head athletic trainer Jason Erlandson 


Please follow the instructions below, making sure to complete ALL items on the list.


1. Medical Examination Form (Required for all freshman and transfers only)

A physical exam MUST be completed PRIOR to doing ANY physical activity with any LHU team. The blank form can be found at this link below. It is the same form that the University sent you when you were accepted to LHU. If you have completed this already and sent it back to one of the coaches or the infirmary, please contact them and have them send a copy to Head Athletic Trainer Jason Erlandson. If you have not completed the examination, please get this done by your family physician.  An appointment can take up to one month to get so contact your doctor as soon as you can.  The examination must be no older than 6 months from the start of practice.  Make sure the entire document is complete and especially page 5 that reads NCAA Athletes Mandatory Orthopedic Assessment.

For freshmen and transfers, a copy of your physical must also be submitted to the LHU Infirmary. It is not the responsibility of the Athletic Training Staff to complete this task.

Click here for the Medical Examination Form


2 . Medical Information Release Form

This form must be completed so the Athletic Training Staff and the LHU Student Health Center Staff can share medical information about your health conditions.  For example, providing each other with copies of your physical exam.  Another example would be if you were sick or had a skin rash and were being treated by the infirmary, the Athletic Training Staff needs this signed to get information about your condition and medications you may be prescribed.

Print this form, sign it, and return it with your physical.


3. Surgery Information

For those of you who have had surgery in the last 12 months, you MUST get a SIGNED letter from your surgeon clearing you to participate in your sport.  This letter must include your name, the surgical procedure you had performed, the body part and right or left if appropriate. In addition it should state that you completed your rehabilitation and are cleared to play Division 1 or 2 sports at Lock Haven University. 

This is an example of what the letter should look like:

John Smith has had an ACL reconstructive surgery on this right knee in December 2017 and has completed all the requirements of the rehabilitation process. John Smith is cleared to play Division 2 football at Lock Haven University.


4. Electronic Medical Records

Lock Haven University uses an electronic medical records program to store/update your medical information. This allows for the secure maintenance of your medical information which is accessible by our staff whether you are being treated on the field, in the athletic training room, rehab center, or while travelling with the team. This process will create an account to store these records.


Go to Click on "ATS Athlete Portal"

Enter the information as follows for a new user:

ID: new

Password: new

Database: ats_lhup


Once you enter the system you will need to:

Select Organization (LHU) and your team. If you participate on multiple teams (XC, T&F) select both. Enter your background information including your phone, cell, home and local addresses. Your “year” should be your athletic year – if you are transferring in as a junior, please choose accordingly. If you plan to redshirt this season, still select freshman and we will adjust later.

Change your Athlete ID, which you will use to log into the system from now on. We suggest using either your LHU student ID or your email log in (the part before Create a password that you will remember!

Your login/password will be emailed to you after you change them and log out – please keep this handy for future reference.

List any medical alerts/current medications/allergies.

BEFORE clicking save, go back up to the top of the page, click on the Contact tab and enter contact information for one emergency contact person. You will be able to add additional emergency contacts later.

Click Save Athlete Information

At this time, this is all you will need to do in ATS. You will receive an email later in the summer to log into ATS and complete the following forms. Each of these forms will need completed prior to every year you participate in intercollegiate athletics at LHU.

  • Annual Athlete Questionnaire
  • Concussion Statement
  • Sickle Cell Statement
  • Substance Abuse Policy Consent
  • Insurance Affidavit
  • Medical Release for Team Physicians
  • Medical Release for Student Health Center

In accordance with NCAA Mental Health Best Practices, all athletes will be assessed using the following instruments. These assessments will also take place throughout the academic year. The LHU Athletic Department is committed to supporting athletes' mental well-being as well as their physical well-being. These forms help us to identify situations where further assistance may be warranted.

  • Study Demographics
  • Adule ADHD Self Report Study
  • Alcohol Use
  • Cannabis Use
  • Center for Epidemiological Study
  • Eating Attitudes Test 26 (EAT-26)
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Insomnia Severity Index
  • Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ9)
  • Sick Control One Fat Food (SCOFF)


5. Medications

Aside from listing them in ATS and on your physical, please contact Head Athletic Trainer Jason Erlandson at with any medications you are currently taking. We are able to check medications on a database to determine if they fall under the NCAA banned substance list.

Here is a copy of the NCAA Banned Substance List, please take special note of the NCAA Nutritional/Supplement Warning: 2018-19 NCAA Banned Substance List

There are certain classes of medications that fall under the banned substance list which are allowed with proper paperwork from your prescribing physician. These classes include:

  • anabolic agents*
  • stimulants (including medications used to treat ADD/ADHD)
  • beta blockers
  • diuretics
  • anti-estrogens
  • beta-2 agonists (including asthma medications such as Albuterol, ProAir, etc)
  • peptide hormone*.

You will need to submit a letter signed by your physician including the following information: diagnosis (including appropriate verification of the diagnosis), medical history and dosage information. This form will be kept in your file and submitted should you be tested by the NCAA.

NOTE: the use of an *anabolic agent or peptide hormone must be approved by the NCAA before the student-athlete is allowed to participate in competition while taking these medications.

Keep in mind – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY! There have been athletes who have lost eligibility and scholarship aid due to not completing the proper paperwork for prescribed medications.


6. ADD/ADHD Information

For those of you who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, there is special paperwork process that needs to be completed and is mandated by the NCAA because of the medications that are commonly prescribed for this condition.

At this link, you will find LHU's Policy with regard to this health issue.  Please print the document below and take to your treating physician so they can complete it.  Once completed, you need to provide it to the Athletic Training Staff at LHU. 

Finally, this link provides the answers to frequently asked questions about the testing and rules related to this condition.  

NCAA ADHD Medication Documentation Reporting Form


7. Insurance Information

You are required to maintain primary insurance coverage while participating in intercollegiate athletics at LHU. As part of the online forms you will complete later in the summer, you will sign an affidavit acknowledging this requirement.

You will need to provide the athletic training staff with a copy of your insurance card. The easiest way to do this is to BRING a copy of your insurance card with you the first day of practice and give to the athletic trainers.


8. Sickle Cell Trait Information

Please click on this link and read the NCAA informational pamphlet about Sickle Cell Trait.  

On one of the forms you will complete in ATS later in the summer, you will have 3 options for participation at LHU. You can select:

  • Option #1: I am aware of my Sickle Cell Trait status and will provide LHU and its medical staff with documentation of the results.
  • Option #2: I am unaware of my Sickle Cell Trait status. I will however arrange to have my status assessed at my own expense prior to my report date at Lock Haven University. I will provide the University’s medical staff with documentation of my results upon reporting to campus.  
  • Option #3: I am unaware of my Sickle Cell Trait status. I am also fully aware of the risks inherent in athletics participation by those with the Sickle Cell Trait. With this knowledge, I hereby have declined to get the testing done and waive my right to obtain such testing.

  ***Options #1 & #2 are the preferred options. For your safety, LHU recommends you know your Sickle Cell Trait status, regardless of race/ethic background.

If you choose Options 1 or 2, request to have the testing done at the time of your physical and return the results with the rest of your paperwork.

9. Concussions 

LHU and the NCAA both take concussions very seriously.  Every attempt to decrease the number of concussions and the symptoms that athletes will suffer from a concussion will be made.  The athletic training staff needs your help in doing this.  Please read the NCAA pamphlet for athletes that can be found at this link.  

If you want to know more about concussions, their symptoms, side effects, and return to play and return to learn please visit this site  for more information.  

Upon arrival at LHU, you will be completing the following testing:

  1. IMPACT testing – we will do this as a group and it occurs prior to the first practice. This is a computer program that assesses your reaction time, eye hand coordination, and short and long term memory. Everyone must take a baseline test but the results are only used if you should get a concussion during your career at LHU.
  2. A BESS test – this will be done after you have completed everything else. Again, the results of this test are only used if you should get a concussion. It is a 5 minute balance assessment test.


Thank you in advance,

The Athletic Training Staff

Lock Haven University