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Applying to LHU

admissions reactivation form

This form is intended for students who PREVIOUSLY APPLIED for admission to LHU within the past three years, but never enrolled.

Who should NOT complete this form?

  • High school students (complete an application)
  • Students who NEVER APPLIED for admission or who applied more than three years ago (complete an application)
  • LHU graduates who wish to return for a SECOND DEGREE (complete a second degree form)
  • Students who PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED LHU and wish to return (complete the resume studies form)

**There is no charge to reactivate an application.**

Semester And Year You Wish To Enroll

First Name:  Last Name: Date of Birth

Street Address:

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Home Phone:     Cell Phone:

Major you wish to study at LHU:  

Campus: Main Clearfield      Housing Status: Resident  Commuter

Have you attended another college or university since you last applied?   Yes   No

If yes, list all colleges/universities attended, including dates of attendance (students are not able to "start over"):

If no, provide detailed information on what you have been doing below. Include work history and military experience.

List below all courses taken at another college or university since you last applied to LHU, including courses in which you are currently enrolled.

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?  
If yes,
please state the criminal offense and when it occurred:

A criminal offense is defined as a felony.  Please disregard: minor traffic violations, offenses committed before your 18th birthday which were adjudicated in juvenile court under a Youth Offender Law, and any charges which have been expunged by a court or for which you successfully completed an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program.  A conviction is an adjudication of guilt and includes determinations before a court, a district justice or magistrate and pleas of nolo contender (no contest).

I certify that the information provided is correct.  
To agree, you must type “I so certify(without quotation marks) in the above box and “sign” the form by providing your name and email-address in the boxes below. Withholding information may cause an offer of admission to be revoked.

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